Smardaten Technologies Secures Technology Pioneer Title from World Economic Forum

Scotland-based Smardaten Technologies, a cutting-edge provider of big data and no-code software technology and services was one of the select few "Technology Pioneers" recognised by the World Economic Forum.

In its quest to identify the most promising Technology Pioneers worldwide, the World Economic Forum has unveiled a list featuring 100 companies actively addressing critical issues such as revolutionary technologies, sustainability, climate change, and healthcare. Among the winners is Smardaten Technologies, leading the charge with its fourth-generation big data-powered NoCode platform.

Established by a team of data technology experts from prominent conglomerates in China, Smardaten Technologies introduces a groundbreaking no-code technology, fuelled by intelligent data, that expedites traditional software development timelines from 1-2 years to an impressive 3-6 weeks. Furthermore, the company plays a pivotal role in carbon reduction by significantly decreasing the hours of computer resource consumption.

The World Economic Forum's Technology Pioneers represent early-stage companies spearheading novel technologies and innovations poised to make a substantial impact on both business and society. Verena Kuhn, the Head of Innovator Communities at the World Economic Forum, enthusiastically welcomed Smardaten and fellow pioneers, acknowledging their instrumental role in driving innovation and disruptive solutions to tackle the world's most pressing challenges. Their contributions to the Forum's collaborative efforts, uniting public and private sectors, are eagerly anticipated.

Dr. Yadong (Adam) Cao, co-founder and COO of Smardaten, as a distinguished Technology Pioneer, has been invited to actively engage with the World Economic Forum. Collaborating with global leaders, Dr. Cao will help address key industry and societal issues. Additionally, Technology Pioneers will receive exclusive invitations to participate in Forum events and discussions throughout the year, fostering meaningful exchanges among influential stakeholders from the public and private sectors.