Stories from female fintech entrepreneurs

To celebrate International Women's Day 2023, we met with two female fintech entrepreneurs to hear about their stories, why they chose to become fintech leaders, their successes and challenges.


Ana Gallacher, founder of BabyReady Finance

I am Ana Gallacher, the founder of BabyReady Finance, a financial planning and savings platform for Millennials and Gen Z in the UK.
In 2019 I worked on digital transformation at Aegon UK, a leading financial services provider in the UK. During my time there, I identified a gap in the market between the needs of young parents struggling to manage their finances and the industry's ability to offer tailored support. This experience inspired me to establish BabyReady Finance, a financial planning and savings platform that uses AI and open banking to help new parents plan their finances and save for their children. The platform provides tailored financial planning, cashback, and savings and learns from its users' data to improve its accuracy over time.
Being a founder and CEO is demanding, which taught me a lot about balancing my work and personal life. For me, having a proper routine and enough exercise is very important. It could sound quite banal, but waking up early could make a big difference in how your day goes.
I often face the challenge of making important decisions for the company and ensuring that BabyReady is on the right track to achieve its goals. Overall, being a CEO requires strong leadership skills, adaptability, and a relentless drive to succeed.


Sheila Hogan, CEO and founder of Biscuit Tin

I am Sheila Hogan CEO and Founder of Biscuit Tin a “death-tech” SaaS business - we make life admin easier for you now and easier for those you love in the future by helping you create a digital legacy to be proud of. Biscuit Tin is a digital secure vault holding all your life information that is released to those you nominate when you die, providing them with the direction they need to easily and effectively close down your life and a digital biography of your life to hand down the generations.

I had an entrepreneurial flair from a young age – from making pencil cases that I sold to my school mates, Pencil skirts with my own , clothes label ItFitz and I tried everything to make money … every party plan going. I left School at 16 and went into Tech as I had a feeling it was a thing of the future. I started at Bradford Council as a Junior Computer Officer, I then went to study Computer Studies part-time at Huddersfield Uni.

A Programmer in the early days, I progressed onto analysis project & programme management and up to creating Biscuit Tin I was a Consultant Business Architect designing the way businesses need to operate to leverage technology. Predominantly for large financial services institutions.

The challenges I faced before Biscuit Tin were mainly my own making – always looking for the ‘next thing’ and trying to find my niche and the career I felt destined for. It appeared after closing down the lives of both of my parents armed with a physical Biscuit Tin of old papers. The two worlds of my professional technology career and personal experience collided as I realised that the ‘life close-down’ process is completely broken and needs to change.

It seems many of my challenges since then have revolved around money – from bootstrapping, winning grants and investing what I could from my pension to get the business off the ground. To the challenges of raising capital I face now to forge ahead to scale-up and deliver to our mission to make a difference in this space and be a global Digital Legacy leader within 5 years.