The University of Edinburgh launches a fintech doctoral programme

The University of Edinburgh is launching a new initiative to help companies access talent and develop innovative products and services, a Fintech Doctoral Programme delivered is partnership with companies.

It combines a PhD training structure with a specific focus on topics at the intersection of finance/economics and informatics/technology with a company research project. Each student works on a project commissioned by their sponsoring company partner. Projects need to be of commercial interest to the sponsor and aim to ultimately drive development of new digital solutions and products.

Business partners will set the projects’ topics and will be involved in the candidates’ selection process. Sponsoring companies provide a company supervisor for the project and remain closely involved to ensure delivery of commercially-relevant outcomes. The PhD student is also supervised by 2 academic experts from the University of Edinburgh.

During the first year of the programme the students are based mostly in Edinburgh as they will be undergoing a comprehensive training programme. During the years 2-4 of the programme their time will be divided between the partner company and the University. The exact arrangements would be decided with the company for each project to suit their project requirements. After completion of the programme which lasts 4 years,  graduates typically enter employment with their company sponsor. Programme provides a high-quality talent candidates who help their host company deliver new innovative products and services.

The University of Edinburgh is also partnering with the EIT Digital (European Technology Institute) which provides co-funding for the Fintech Doctoral Programme for their member companies. EIT Digital also provides access to innovation funding for companies for commercialisation of fintech products and services which could also be of interest to many companies.

We are currently recruiting projects for the first intake of students. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact More information: