Two Scottish Firms win Lloyds Banking Group Launch Innovation Programme

Lloyds Banking Group have selected two Scottish firms as winners of the third edition of their Launch Innovation Programme. This initiative, a collaborative effort with FinTech Scotland and GrowthBuilders, seeks out the most innovative technologies to forge solutions that resonate with and empower customers.

GoCodeGreen: Pioneering Digital Sustainability

In a world increasingly aware of its carbon footprint, GoCodeGreen stands out with its commitment to environmental responsibility. LBG has recognised the potential in GoCodeGreen's approach to reducing carbon emissions across their digital estate by an ambitious double-digit percentage. It's not just about reduction, though; it's about transformation. GoCodeGreen is set to offer specialised training to LBG's colleagues, nurturing a new generation of digital professionals who can integrate sustainability into the core of their design and development processes.


Appointedd: Revolutionising Scheduling One Click at a Time

Efficiency meets sophistication in Appointedd's online scheduling system. LBG's Operations department is gearing up to integrate this technology, which promises to smooth out the intricacies of digital procedures. The goal? To enable LBG to sharpen its focus on supporting customer financial aspirations, streamlining interactions, and enhancing overall service.


Beyond Scotland: The Joy Club

Joining the Scottish powerhouses is London-based fintech The Joy Club. This innovative service is dedicated to enriching the retirement experience, offering LBG's customers a platform to learn, stay fit, and connect. With a vision that everyone is entitled to a joyful retirement, The Joy Club is set to infuse a new zest for life among its members.


This selection is a testament to the vision and capability of these firms to shape a future where technology serves people with greater impact and empathy. LBG's Launch Innovation Programme is a catalyst for change.