University of Stirling Launches new Fintech Masters Course

In September 2018, students will begin the new MSc. Fintech at the University of Stirling, studying computing, data analytics, banking, finance and entrepreneurship in a course designed to lead to a job in the new and exciting field of fintech.
A course relevant with today’s challenges
Banking and finance are undergoing a revolution driven by new technology and changes to regulations. New cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are changing the way people hold money and are driving a new boom in investment. Mobile currencies such as M-Pena are empowering people across the world who would otherwise not have access to banking facilities.
Open banking regulations are allowing technology companies to produce new financial products based on mobile communications, using new business models and challenging the existing banks. It is a time of change, and an exciting field to work in.
To succeed in fintech you need skills and expertise in computing, finance and business. Many fintech companies are small startups so you need entrepreneurial skills and the ability to manage change and innovation.
Bringing tech and management together
The MSc. Financial Technology (Fintech) at the University of Stirling has been designed to give you the skills you need to get ahead in fintech. It is taught jointly by Computing Science, Finance and Accounting, and the Management School to provide you with the broad set of skills and knowledge demanded in the sector right now. The main taught modules in the course cover:
Manipulating data and scripting in Python
An introduction to blockchain
Cyber security and data protection
Relational and NoSQL databases
Contemporary issues in banking
An introduction to corporate finance
Data analytics and machine learning
Cluster computing on Hadoop and Spark
Fintech app development
Investment regulation and ethics
Heuristics and bias in behavioural finance
Innovation management and disruptive technology
Business startup planning
Professionalism, regulation and ethics in banking
The course will take its first students in September 2018 and can be studied full time over one year or part time over two years. Students study in the beautiful Stirling campus. Stirling University is 1st in Scotland and 3rd in the UK for graduate employment and 98% of our postgraduate leavers are in employment of further study within six months of graduating. The fintech course was designed in consultation with banks and companies who recruit into fintech jobs to ensure our graduates will have the best chance of landing that dream fintech job. For more details and to apply for a place on the course, go to