Why Origo is supporting the Research and Innovation Roadmap

Origo has been delivering technology solutions for the UK financial services market for over 30 years. We are proud of that history and also proud to be an Edinburgh-based company, contributing to the economies of both Scotland and the UK.

“With the technological innovations happening in the world today, and the opportunities they offer, this is probably the most exciting time in our history.

“Open Finance Data, which is one of the four themes of the Roadmap – the others are climate finance; payments and transactions; and financial regulation – is one example of the innovation taking place in financial services. Amongst other things, it will enable people and businesses to have more control over their finances by making it easier for them to access their financial information.

We see the value of this type of access every day at Origo. Our technology enables the industry providers to access pension and investment information and by evolving through Open Finance we can use this capability to enable individuals to directly access their information.

To this end, we are partnered with Capgemini to supply the central digital architecture for the Pensions Dashboards Programme, which will enable pension holders to easily access all their pension details in one place – action that is vital for individuals planning for the future and for retirement.

But technological innovation is not restrained by geographical boundaries, so it is important that UK FinTech continues to innovate and push the boundaries, within the highly regulated environment in which we work.

This is about the future of finance, the way people engage with money, their savings and investments. The FinTech Scotland Research and Innovation Roadmap will help enable industry-led collaboration to provide a practical pathway to accelerate the development of FinTech and open up opportunities across the financial services industry as well as the broader economy in Scotland and the UK.

We are proud to be part of this forward-thinking and practical initiative.