Zumo joins World Economic Forum Crypto Sustainability Coalition

Scottish fintech Zumo, has become the latest member of the World Economic Forum’s Crypto Sustainability Coalition.

This coalition will explore how blockchain solutions can be use to contribute to meaningful progress toward positive climate action. Zumo's contribution will be around developing the guiding principles and toolkits for companies, regulators and start-ups to leverage the potential of blockchain to reach energy goals.

Particular areas of focus include:

  • assessment of crypto sector energy usage
  • examination of the potential of web3 technology to facilitate positive climate action
  • investigation of the usage of blockchain-based carbon credits.


Nick Jones, Zumo CEO, commented:


“It’s extremely encouraging to see the level of coordinated activity that has emerged in this area since we started our own crypto decarbonisation journey.” 

“As we all know, there’s a lot left to do and a long way to go; what we’re seeing, however, is the strands of this work in the crypto ESG space really coming together – and, perhaps, the beginnings of a shift in the narrative and the ability to see this technology not just as a problem, but as a potential force multiplier for good.”

“Making sure crypto and blockchain more generally develops in a way that caters to the needs of people and the planet is critical to Zumo and what we’re doing. We’re delighted to be invited to participate in this worthy World Economic Forum initiative, and to continue to build and collaborate with our fellow actors in the space.”   


Find out more about the Crypto Sustainability Coalition at weforum.org

Learn more about Zumo’s own industry-leading work to date at zumo.tech