An update from Nicola Anderson on 2021

Happy new year and welcome 2021. With the continued lockdown and restrictions 2021 continues to throw a variety of challenges at us all, from all of us at FinTech Scotland we hope you're all safe and well in what continues to be difficult times.

We continue to work remotely and virtually, allowing us to stay connected across the FinTech Scotland Cluster. It's been wonderful to see so many people, albeit still through a screen, and we're looking forward to a time during the year ahead when that's a direct face to face meeting.
The FinTech Scotland community marked its 3 year by reaching 150 FinTech SME's, the growth in numbers continues to show the vibrancy and opportunity, as well as resilience and ability for fintech SME's in Scotland.  This optimism has put a spring in our step as we look forward to 2021 and new developments.
Working virtually has allowed us to maintain our connections globally, as well as open new virtual doors. In January the FinTech Scotland Cluster had virtual visits from Hong Kong, as well as new introductions and meetings with China, Ireland, Sweden and Belgium. Our virtual ways continue to present the opportunity to learn from other parts of the world, establish new networks and maintain firm friendships with neighbours in Europe.
As we look at the year ahead we're focused on fintech business development, research and innovation, international connections and new opportunities for collaboration.
We'll look forward to working with you