docStribute® and Chorley Building Society set to transform member communications

Chorley Building Society has teamed up with fintech docStribute on their journey towards digitalisation. This strategic partnership represents Chorley Building Society's strong commitment to operational efficiency, elevated member engagement, and adherence to regulatory compliance standards.

The shift towards digitalisation is a crucial step for building societies in the modern age, and Chorley Building Society is setting a great example. By partnering with docStribute, they are not only aligning themselves with the evolving financial landscape but also taking active steps to reduce their environmental footprint.

Recent data from UK local government sources indicates that paper and cardboard constitute a staggering 20% of all waste produced in the country. Through the adoption of docStribute's cutting-edge document distribution solutions, Chorley Building Society is on a mission to lower its paper consumption and carbon emissions whilst optimising their operational efficiency.

Chris Ansara, the CEO of docStribute, highlights the profound impact this partnership will have on digital transformation and customer relationships, all of which will ultimately benefit Chorley's members. The solutions offered by docStribute will play an important role in achieving these objectives, promising lasting, positive change for Chorley's members.

Kim Roby, Customer Services Director at Chorley Building Society, insists on the fact that their primary objective is to ensure that their

members receive nothing short of outstanding service. Their commitment extends to providing an exceptional member experience that adheres to regulatory standards and contributes to environmental sustainability. The partnership with docStribute aligns perfectly with this vision, as it will streamline member communication, enhance consumer comprehension, and make it simpler for members to engage with the society.

One of the standout features of this new partnership is the significant improvement in Chorley Building Society's documentation delivery processes. Through this collaboration, members will have instant and secure digital access to information and communications whenever they need them. This level of convenience will transform the way members interact with the society, making their experience more personalised, timely, and tailored to their needs. In essence, this partnership empowers Chorley Building Society to deliver an elevated standard of member engagement.