New Hire for Data Lab MSc Project

Most people tend to wind down in the lead up to the festive period, but I’m not most people! In the weeks before Christmas, I accepted a brand-new role with MBN Solutions in Glasgow.

I am the Delivery Lead for MBN Academy, responsible for leading the delivery of critical projects like The Data Lab MSc. Placement Programme. I have over 3 years’ experience within recruitment, sourcing, talent acquisition and management within the Scottish business community. Moving into a delivery lead position is a challenging new position for me, but I have been able to utilise my previous experience to enrich and improve the processalready.

I’ve joined MBN Academy at a key stage in our development as we move towards a larger, more complex delivery model. My added expertise, knowledge and drive will enable us to deliver the very best quality of service to our community.

My role is to provide guidance to students throughout the MSc. Placement Programme in addition to supporting Host Companies as they join the initiative. I have already had the opportunity to assist with the delivery of Employability training sessions at participating Universities and advising potential Host Companies on the benefits and structure of the Programme.I’m so excited to be leading the delivery of this project, working alongside world-class students and industry leaders.

Last year, 73 students were placed in an industrial placement and the bar has been raised this year, with the target now being 100 students. This is ambitious but given that we are working with 11 Universities with a range of different courses this is achievable.

The Data Lab and MBN solutions are passionate about plugging the data skills shortage in Scotland and this Programme is aimed at giving the students their first taste of industrial experience, which in turn should give them the skills they need to succeed in the future. It’s very refreshing to see so many companies eager to work towards the benefit of Scotland.

The Scottish FinTech community have previously stepped up to the plate and engaged with this Programme, including HSBC, Clydesdale, RBS and Tesco Bank. Start up and scale- up companies like The Lending Crowd have also taken part in this in this initiative with great success. The students have added great value to leading edge and creative projects in FinTech companies and are set to continue the trend this year!

Virgin Money and other challenger banks have also embraced this Programme, showing that there are no real barriers to get involved, whether you are a company with 20 folk or 2000, there is nothing to stop you taking part!

The FinTech community is a vital part of the Scottish economy, by giving these students a taster of their world, they are adding more skills to already skilled and dedicated students. Moving forward, this is invaluable to both parties and will ultimately enrich both parties.