Scottish fintech Butterwire gives online traders the edge

Article written by Paul Sinclair, CTO at Butterwire

Direct online trading is the new darling of Fintech - with many new or emerging entrants offering super low cost or free online trading. But just because it's easier, doesn't make it smarter.

Enter butterwire (

Butterwire is an "AI driven Equity Research and Portfolio Analyst." It helps investors make faster, better and smarter investment decisions.

The solution keeps track of portfolios, alerting and suggesting mitigation actions as conditions change, and the heavy lifting around analysis and insight generation.

The final decision though always remains with the investor.

We are very excited at the moment as we have just launched our crowd funding campaign - with 40% of target already met (£80K) within a few days. More on Crowdcube -

How was Butterwire created?

Butterwire is the brainchild of Raphael Fiorentino, and his 10 year mission to empower investors to make informed investment decisions. Raphael’s unique background in chemical engineering & statistics and fund management drove him to develop and refine a systematic way to use Quant, Fundamental, Macro and Technical market data to inform his own successful investment career.

Fast forward a few years, a lot of worn shoe leather, and an introduction via a mutual colleague, butterwire is now being built by a small team of talented and experienced software engineers and me, right here in Scotland.

Raphael - How would you describe butterwire?

In two words - Investor Power

In my mind it turns you into a cyborg investor - enhancing your own abilities, but it’s still your decision. We call it Augmented Intelligence.
At its base butterwire focuses on 3 main capabilities:
1. Finding Opportunities - that maximise your return while reducing your risk

2. Minimising Risk - by promoting diversification across stocks and minimising correlation 3. Being Kept Aware - informing you when things change (and they do), while helping to find alternatives.

Raphael - What would you say butterwire has achieved in this last year?

A year on from starting (Sept 2017) we now have: 1. A working and evolving application that went live in June 2018 -

2. Been accepted into Scottish Enterprise High Growth Unit
3. On-boarded hundreds of users, regularly using the app on a daily basis

4. A new website - with informative investing articles and a knowledge base around our investing model.

How is Butterwire different

What makes butterwire different for me it’s the combination of the latest technology, fully leveraging the latest cloud services and machine learning capabilities, along with the industry expertise that both Raphael and the team bring. Only a few years ago - we would be unable to offer the service we can now, enabled by the advances in data processing, UI and scaleable on- demand cloud services.

I have even roped my brother in to help us get the message out there. As an actor based in the US - he helped us pull together a professional video - which is spearheading our investment pitch:
We are looking forward to our next year - as we build our user base, complete some key strategic partnerships with established online services, and continue to enhance the product, all while growing!
If you want to know more - please feel free to contact me or better still give it a go - it’s free: Paul Sinclair