Scottish Fintech Snugg Secures Nearly £2 Million for Pioneering Green Home Hub

Edinburgh-based fintech company Snugg has been awarded nearly £2 million in funding from the UK Government for the development of its innovative Green Home Hub (GHH). This significant investment, part of the UK Government's Department for Energy Security & Net Zero initiative, will aim to promote energy-efficient homes across the UK.

Understanding the Green Home Hub

The GHH will be a user-friendly digital platform that bridges the gap between homeowners, financial institutions, and energy providers. Its primary function is to guide users towards creating more energy-efficient homes through personalised retrofit recommendations and green financing options. The platform addresses common challenges such as complexity, high costs, and the lack of reliable green finance solutions, thereby simplifying the decision-making process for homeowners.


Collaboration with Perenna and Scroll Finance

Snugg will be collaborating with finance giants Perenna and Scroll Finance to bring this vision to life. Perenna Bank is integrating its long-term fixed-rate mortgage products into the GHH, while Scroll Finance is introducing its innovative Green Shared Equity Mortgage. These collaborations are set to provide homeowners with diverse and accessible financial support options for their green home improvements.


Impact on Homeowners and the Environment

The launch of the GHH is a game-changer for homeowners seeking to improve their property's energy efficiency. It offers a tailored user experience, providing cost and savings analysis for various installations, and access to financial support like grants and innovative financial products. Additionally, the GHH facilitates progress tracking, monitoring energy, and carbon emissions reductions in real-time post-installation.


Industry and Governmental Support

The project is supported by industry leaders. Robin Peters, CEO of Snugg, highlighted the benefits for homeowners, banks, and the environment, emphasising the reduced energy demand and improved air quality as more homes undergo energy-efficient retrofitting. Arjan Verbeek, CEO at Perenna Bank, and Ashish Kashyap, CEO and Founder at Scroll Finance, both expressed excitement about their collaboration with Snugg, insisting on the importance of cross-industry collaboration for large-scale retrofitting in the UK.

A Step Towards Net Zero

The development of the GHH aligns with Snugg’s commitment to supporting the UK’s journey towards Net Zero by 2050. With changing government policies and a growing emphasis on sustainable living, innovations like the GHH are increasingly vital. The platform not only makes green living more accessible but also propels the UK forward in its environmental goals.