Video – Temple Melville speaks about Scotcoin

Scotcoin  was originally created in 2013 and has been Scotland’s very own digital currency for over 6 years . It is one of the longest lived country currencies.

Scotcoin comes in two parts : Scotcoin the digital currency, and The Scotcoin Project CIC which is the educational and distribution arm of the coin. We decided some considerable time ago that a new blockchain was required which would be both KYC ( Know Your Customer) and AML ( Anti Money Laundering) compliant. We have spent the last two years working towards a solution that will be both robust and last at least as long as Bitcoin. We have what we call our 5 Pillars.

These are:

1.  An efficient and cost effective migration process,
2.  A robust blockchain solution,
3.  Un-issued surplus coin creation (for reward and future distribution),
4.  Access to an efficient secondary market or markets and
5.  Crucially, a reliable and durable delivery partner with likely longevity.

We have no doubt that these “pillars” will stand the test of time and answer all the problems thrown at them. We are working with world class companies to deliver our new blockchain and coin. 

Our existing holders will be well rewarded for their early adoption and receive bonuses subject to conditions.

Our chosen area of investment is the charity eco-system, and we are already engaged with several charities and are looking to reward volunteers in all areas who seldom if ever receive acknowledgement.

We are actively looking to donate Scotcoin to people for working with us. We are also looking for merchants who are prepared to accept Scotcoin for their services, particularly in the IT and digital eco-systems. All areas of business are acceptable. Merchants will receive a signing on bonus and ongoing help and promotion.Please send an email to for further information and to receive your free SCOT. We are always available to give talks on the Blockchain, on Bitcoin and on Scotcoin.