Appointment of FinTech Scotland’s CEO

At FinTech Scotland we’re proud about the fact that we’ve been created and managed by members of the eco-system through the Scottish Financial Enterprise Fintech Steering Committee. Being built from the ground up means that we’ve gained a great understanding about the needs of fintechs, established brands, academia and the public sector. We’ve now reached a stage to use that insight to take FinTech Scotland to the next stage and develop a strategy for the fintech sector in Scotland.

We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Stephen Ingledew as CEO of FinTech Scotland.
Stephen bring with him years of experience in the financial sector where he focussed amongst other things on implementing customer focused and technology enabled initiatives.

Stephen previously worked as senior executive for companies such as Standard Life and Barclays as well as small innovative financial enterprises He’s always been an influential advocate of making financial services more open, creative and inclusive to all through new innovative technologies, encouraging diversity and progressive ways of working as well as improved collaboration across stakeholders and participants.

Throughout his career Stephen has also occupied a number of non-executive director roles including with Scottish Financial Enterprise; The Institute of Financial Services; The Chartered Insurance Institute and The Financial Services Authority.

He is a frequent author of articles and regular contributor at major global conferences on subjects ranging from customer strategy and execution, fintech and insurtech innovation as well as business change leadership. He is currently a non-executive director of Marketing Edinburgh, the body responsible for promoting the region.

Our new `CEO will work closely with a broad range of stakeholders including members the fintech community through the FinTech Practitioners Forum, SFE’s Fintech Steering Committee, and our 2 HM Treasury envoys. Stephen has already indicated that he would focus his efforts on creating an integrated and thriving ecosystem through the provision of funding, support, infrastructure and talent that recognises and responds to the needs of all stakeholders and connect Scotland to other global Fintech centres.

You will be hearing a lot more from Stephen in the coming weeks so stay tuned and subscribed to our newsletter.