Collaboration between Scottish fintechs FastP.A.Y.E and Inbest to support vulnerable employees

FastP.A.Y.E announced today that it has integrated Inbest benefits calculator to allow employees to make a benefits’ check within its flexible and ethical wage App.

This feature will allow employees in low-paid or insecure roles to learn about all the benefits and grants available to them before withdrawing income from their salaries. Employees will also be able to understand what they need to do to apply for their benefits and the organisations that can help them on their claims.

Ian Hogg, CEO of FastP.A.Y.E, said:

“As an ethical provider of salary advances, we recognise that a salary advance isn’t always the best option. Some may have outstanding benefits entitlement and in such circumstances we are delighted to be working with Inbest to guide employees to these benefits and avoid the need for an advance ”


Manu Peleteiro, CEO of Inbest, said:

“We believe that collaboration and specialisation are fundamental to reduce the amount of benefits unclaimed in the UK. We are delighted to work with FastPAYE to raise benefits’ awareness among employees on low-paid or insecure roles.”


Nicola Anderson, CEO at FinTech Scotland welcomed the initiative

“This collaboration between Inbest and FastP.A.Y.E continues to demonstrate the determination and focus from fintech innovators to find practical solutions that help support people facing financial vulnerability and address financial inclusion. Enabling easier ways for people to learn about potential benefit entitlements can offer an alternative to help maximise income and reduce longer term debt.”