Exciting news from Agrud Technologies

After a busy few months, Agrud Technologies are pleased to announce a number of exciting developments, along with the launch of our new website.

We have for some time now been expanding our client base and services. Branching out from our origins as Content Curation provider, we have augmented our AI platform, Stella, with real time market data, and a range of new analytics.

Recent work with a Singapore based Robo-Advisor has led us to developing back-end real-time market data delivery with the capacity to be built into pre-existing APIs. This takes away the stress, pressure, and high price tag of sourcing market data, so fintechs can concentrate on honing their platform and investing time in innovation. Moreover, the data we provide can be scaled to suit your company’s exact needs, without burying you under an avalanche of superfluous information.

Further work with an existing client has extended our services to also include brand new market data terminal software. We’re bringing our platform to a wider market than the current industry standards, Bloomberg Terminal and Reuters’ Eikon. Current market terminal software can set businesses back up to £18.500 per year for a single license. At Agrud Technologies we are challenging this status quo, and helping to democratize Wall Street by putting premium data and analytics into the hands of individuals and SMEs.


Why not visit www.agrudtech.comto find out a little more about what we’ve been doing.