Zumo Unveils the Future of Digital Assets at Sibos 2023

Scottish fintech Zumo is at Sibos 2023 in Toronto to unveil a groundbreaking report that's set to reshape the landscape of digital assets. Titled "Digital Assets 2023: Identifying Opportunities Across the Enterprise Landscape," this report marks a significant milestone in the journey towards understanding and harnessing the potential of digital assets from an enterprise perspective.

A Pioneering Approach

"Digital Assets 2023" is not just another report; it's a comprehensive survey, categorisation, and practical analysis of emerging opportunities within the global digital asset ecosystem. It is a deep dive into this nascent sector to uncover the possibilities it offers to businesses worldwide.

The report is backed by fresh insights from some of the biggest names in the digital asset and financial services industries. Collaborators include financial companies like HSBC, NatWest, and Visa, as well as blockchain innovators such as Ripple and Chainalysis. Notably, industry cooperative Swift, the organiser of Sibos, has also played a pivotal role by engaging its global community to explore how financial institutions can seamlessly integrate with the evolving blockchain networks.


A Glimpse into the Future

"Digital Assets 2023" serves as a roadmap for the evolution of blockchain technology from an enterprise perspective. It identifies four pivotal turning points that illustrate the progressive expansion of digital asset applications and participants, starting from the Bitcoin "big bang" moment (often referred to as 'blockchain 1.0') and culminating in the current 'enterprise' era ('blockchain 4.0').

To provide a clear understanding of the digital asset landscape, Zumo has created an enterprise ecosystem map that differentiates between consumer and institutionally-facing solutions, as well as investment versus applied use cases. The report then delves into the opportunities, challenges, and inter-relationships associated with nine specific use cases, categorised as early (institutional digital asset investment, institutional DeFi, web3), developing (tokenization, blockchain in industry, DLT for financial market infrastructure), and established (consumer-facing cryptoasset investment, and individual/business blockchain payments).


Insights from the Author

Daniel Taylor, Zumo's Research and Policy Lead, and the mastermind behind this report, shared his thoughts on its significance:

"Active learning and knowledge development are integral to Zumo's mission as a trusted partner for those venturing into the digital asset space. Today marks the dawn of the 'enterprise' era, where non-crypto businesses are actively engaging in all four quadrants of digital asset opportunity: consumer, institutional, application, and investment. Our report distills and synthesises these emerging opportunities, providing a comprehensive view of the digital asset and blockchain ecosystem."


Download Your Copy

Explore the future of digital assets by downloading a complimentary copy of "Digital Assets 2023" at https://zumo.tech/digital-assets-2023/.