Not boring! Creative! And inclusive!

‘What does the future of fintech look like’ is a question we've been asking across the FinTech Scotland cluster all week. One very wise comment asked us to consider the question differently ‘What should the future of fintech look like’?

From all the discussion so far, there are two comments that have struck a chord with me. ‘It will not be boring’ and ‘We need to teach the future’.

The range of possibilities is limitless and there's no doubt the consensus so far is that it can help us advance the digital economy in a number of ways, all the while enabling financial inclusion and helping us drive towards our net zero goals.


It will not be boring! 

Enabling this future is a skilled workforce drawn from a broad talent pool and range of experiences. We have work to do to support the development of those skills but continuing to develop fintech for the future will need a team of creative artists and designers working with software developers, regulatory and legal expertise, who have access to cybersecurity expertise, data specialists, linguists, psychologists and more.

It provides a true opportunity for collaboration, partnership and change, and it creates an environment for innovation and creativity that builds trust through customer centred design with robust privacy and security.

The innovation will take us in different directions. We see new examples of that everyday especially when it comes to things like digital and crypto currencies, or the future of payments two key topics in the recent FinTech Scotland podcasts


We need to teach the future! 

As we think about the role of digital technology and FinTech for the future a broadly unanimous view is that our children are one step ahead and are already embracing it. Fictional digital currencies like Minecoins, Simoleons, Life Points, and others are well understood by the next generation.

As FinTech for the future develops, many of those contributing views want to see how it can deepen future generations understanding of financial services to build future personal financial resilience. Many more are hoping that we embrace the opportunity to encourage more girls, women, Black, Asian, Ethnic and other minorities into the industry.

The opportunity to excite and intrigue more of the next generation about fintech and technology is already here and the stories we tell now will help us build and teach our future.

Zumo, Leutheria, Nude, Sonik Pocket, Sustainably, Qpal, Guiide, Airfunders and Visible Capital are just a few of the Fintechs in the FinTech Scotland community that are shaping future stories to inspire us all.

If you have a view on ‘What the future of FinTech should like like’ please get in touch. I’d love to hear it.